All celebrity guests listed are confirmed to appear at South Texas Collectors Expo. All will appear both days unless otherwise noted. Please check back regularly if you are coming out for a particular guest, as a guest may cancel at any time for personal or professional reasons. We will post information on any cancellation promptly when we are notified.

Fans will be able to meet these celebrities, obtain autographs, and have their pictures taken with the celebrities. We may post specific signing times for some guests, however most guests will be at their booth during most hours of the show except when attending their panel discussion or taking personal breaks. Some guests will not remain at the show until close each day.

There will be fees for autographs, and the fee varies depending on the celebrity. Generally, fees range from $20 to $40. Celebrities will have items available to be signed (generally 8×10 photographs, but sometimes other items). There may be an additional fee for these items, depending on the celebrity. Celebrities will also sign items provided by the fans, though they have the option of not signing a particular item if they find it offensive or inappropriate. Items often brought by fans to have signed include a favorite poster or picture, a toy, a t-shirt, a statue, or similar items.

Fans are encouraged to bring cash as many of the celebrities do not accept any other form of payment. Some will accept credit cards but do not count on it.

Fans are encouraged to bring a camera as celebrities will often–though not always–allow pictures at their booth. Please ALWAYS ask the celebrity or their assistant for permission before taking a photograph of the celebrity! Generally the fan may take a picture of the celebrity signing an item, and there will not be a fee for that photograph — generally. Often the celebrity will pose with the fan at the table for a photo taken with the fan’s camera. The celebrity may charge a fee for this photograph.

Many celebrity guests will take part in a stage presentation in which the celebrity will discuss whatever they wish but generally will talk about their career, tell some behind-the-scenes stories, and often engage in a question-and-answer session. Times and location of these panels are yet to be determined.