Josh C. Lyman is an illustrator based out of Austin,Texas. He has been doing freelance work full time for the last four years, and from even before that has worked hard to make a name for himself in this industry. Having worked on everything from covers and interiors for numerous independents, to tshirt and logo designs, and even ACEO/trading card sets. His most current works include having worked on sets for Star Wars licensed with Topps (2 series), Special Agent Harambe Alternate covers, various covers for AltWorld titles including Tristan and the Cuddly Defenders …and Mr. Button’s One Shot! At least those that can be talked about that are not still under NDAS. Other works include Voltron United and Drawn, various 5finity and Breygent Marketing card sets, and more! In the meantime, he tours the comic convention circuit doing commissions, selling his ‘Flipcard’ fanarts, and just in general expanding his exposure while doing what he loves! He specializes in comic and cartoon style works, but never turns down a challenge!

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